Country life for all!

Children (but also parents!) Love our animal friends!
Not only horses and nice ponies, you can play on the farm with pigs, sheep, geese, donkeys... and learn with them that "country life" can be really fun! Let Sally and Casto accompany you, our lovely dogs can't wait to play with you!
The farm offers the possibility to schools, but not only, also associations for the elderly and people with disabilities, to visit the company through school trips, guided tours but also customizable visits. Farm animals, horses and ponies will be the protagonists together with the children who will interact with them, through observation and play, but above all the discovery of a "natural" world that is not common to all. Since spring 2016, the farmhouse has hosted "Patio Florido" a botanical garden with hundreds of species of succulents by a great expert on the subject.