The horses are the main activity of the agritourism, the surroundings offer beautiful scenery to ride a horse always accompanied by an expert guide for both beginners and experienced riders.
The routes vary between Moraine hills and woods of Val Tenesi with the opportunity to enjoy the views of Lake Garda, or even in the right season have a good gallop on the beach of the lake.
The walks can last an hour, two, half day, or full day, perhaps combining visits and tastings at local wine cellars.
The most impressive is surely the walk at night where the return will be made only to the light of the stars and moon.
We also propose lessons of first approach to riding or riding lessons.
We can also accommodate your horses during your vacation in covered structures or paddock.

Useful tips for horseback riding

- The saddle is not an armchair and the horse has a shaggy coat... Wear long pants to prevent irritation of your legs and small wounds from the twigs that can scratch you in the woods.
- Morso46 is an elegant but informal place, even more so if you want to ride! Wear sports shoes so as not to risk getting hurt by getting on and off your horse, and in case you want to walk in the woods.
- On the hottest days a hat is ideal... And if it rains... No umbrella, but a comfortable raincoat .